Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Birthday

I love a good craft project. However, with Shoog's first birthday, maybe I got in a bit over my head. I am making all the decor which includes a "Happy Birthday" banner, his invites, sewed his birthday pants (Mom says if all the stitching falls out, it really will be his birthday suit. Harharhar. I got a lot of confidence from her.), his scrapbook actually up to date for the big day, and his guitar cake/smash cake. I won't even go into all the pics that'll be decorating the place. And this is just a little family get together. I LOVE this stuff but it makes me sad that it's actually stressing me out more than anything. With the help of two awesome people tonight (Holla, Aunt L and Aunt Buff), I finally got it almost done. His birthday's in a week and a half but I work the next five. I think on the day after he turns one, I'll take a deep breath (read: drink a glass of wine), sit back, and start slowly planning for NUMERO TWO (as in second birthday, not a second child. Simmer down, Grandmas.) Anyway, here's a snap shot that went out with his invites. The theme is Sheriff/Cowboy. Ever since E could hold his head up, Wade "rides" him on his knees and does this whole monologue about E being the Sheriff "out west." Here's a snippet, "In my town, there'll be no horn-swagglin', loan jumpin' (very appropriate in these economic times), or scallywaggin'. But what will be tolerated is whiskey and wild women." Yeah, we'll have to change it up a bit soon with that last part now that he's starting to understand us but nonetheless... I actually printed the pic in sepia so all the rando colors weren't so distracting but I'm not super computer savvy so you'll just have to be distracted. Also, here's the poem I wrote for the occasion.

Howdy, Folks!

It's been a great year for our buckaroo.
We'd like to throw down and wish you would too.
He won't arrest you. Have no fear.
Unless you're an outlaw, well, then I wouldn't come near.

Saddle up, Folks, we're circling the wagons.
Keep those boots up, don't let them go draggin'.
We're ropin' you in, it's time for some fun.
Because Sheriff Everett is turnin' ONE!

You can keep your comments to yourself. It took me at least an hour to come up with it so if you have nothing nice to say, shut your pie hole.