Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Seaside Wine Festival

A few weekends ago, we traveled on down to Seaside to celebrate their annual Red Wine Festival. Months ago, Homet and I were looking for some way to, without child in tow, celebrate our 6th anniversary. As we asked around, a plan was hatched. It was also two of my favorite people's 40th birthday party (I can tell their age now because 40 is the new 30.) About 18-20 of us came from all parts of the country to join in the festivities. We had one house in Seaside for "the couples" and one house in Seagrove for "the girls." GOOD TIMES were had, I assure you. Anyway, if you're a wine drinker at all, I encourage you to try this out. I'm not much of a red wine drinker but they had options for all palates. If you've ever trekked to Florida with an almost 2 year old then repeated the trip without said angel a month later, you will realize that a 6 hour car ride really ain't that bad (the second time around.) We were well rested, bellies firm from laughter, and felt totally full (metaphorically and physically) by the time the long weekend was up.
When we left for our vacay, we left behind a one year old, barely grasping to the innocent one-ness. As I kissed him good-bye all I could think was, "When I return, you will be two." We returned on the day of his second birthday to an energy-filled two year old and were grateful for our weekend of rest and relaxation.
My littler big sis and I

Just a few of my fave PICU girls!

My sweetie and I celebrating 6 wonderful years. Hard to believe he's put up with me for over TEN! Sucka!

Love this guy. Too bad he lives in Cali/Texas:(

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Wild Man

We took our Christmas pics a couple weeks ago and, to say the least, it was an adventure. I got so bad about taking pics after E turned one. I just didn't feel like stressing (and paying a small fortune). We have a nice camera and I usually have it perched in our living room shelves for easy access to capture priceless moments. Well, as he approached two, I started feeling all guilty that we hadn't had any professional pics in a year. Let. Me. Tell. You. It is way different taking professional pics with a two year old than it was just a short year prior. That child has his own agenda. If she said stand, he laid. If she said run, he walked. I have no idea where he got that stubborness from (wink wink.) Anyway, she took about 50-75 pics and I walked away with VERY low expectations. I was surprised a few days later with about 20 absolute gems. Here are a few of the wild child himself.