Thursday, July 30, 2009

25 weeks

I am now a tad over 25 weeks and, man, has the time flown. It's so hard to believe that in just over three months, we will have a baby in our house. We have both been pretty busy with work and traveling lately so the nursery has been somewhat neglected. However, I have to work this weekend so Wade plans on refinishing my old dresser into a changing table. Speaking of Homet, he turns a whopping 35 tomorrow! Happy Birthday, my favorite man! We aren't doing much since I have to work but maybe we'll have some cake in Florida next week for he and Jay's birthdays! Here's a few belly shots of the 25 week mark...

Sorry the pic was taken in scrubs but a girl's gotta work. Wade insists on taking our weekly shots the exact day of. This leaves many days where Wade has to stumble out of bed at 0600 to take the shot prior to me leaving for work. I refuse to let him take it after work since by 8pm, I look like a tornado hit me.

Okay, so I've been told my belly doesn't look so big but, folks, check out what I look down at everyday. You gotta admit that thing is large. Notice: I can still see my french fry toes!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Off to the country...

We are headed to Tallulah tonight to stay with Wade's parents. I think it's a little ridiculous how much I love to go to my in-laws. I get more excited than Wade. First off, they're wonderful and I love seeing them. Secondly, it's the country and, at night, you can see every single star in the sky. Also, they live "10 minutes from the nearest loaf of bread" (that's actually the description Wade gave me the first time I visited to prepare me) so even if you wanted to do something, you really can't. Your only options are to sit and visit while riding around the farm, sit and visit in the house, or sit and visit on the back porch. It's a beautiful thing. Oh, and don't get me started on their cooking! Both Wade's Mom and Dad are fab cooks and I think we leave there at least 5 lbs. heavier with each visit. Anyway, for those of you checking in on us this weekend, we're doing JUST FINE!
Rookie is doing good too and, Man, has Baby started moving. I just sit and watch my stomach move all over. I told Wade that Rook was moving so much when I was trying to nap yesterday that I'm pretty sure the bed was shaking. Maybe not, but that child would not simmer down. Supposedly, it's growing at the rate of 6 oz./week and the size of a legal envelope. Forget the fruit and veggie references now, it's outgrown all things on the produce aisle. I better head off. How sad is this??? I'm going to the gym but I have to go at the top of an hour because when I'm on the elliptical, I like to watch American Justice or Cold Case Files (which start at 0900 and 1000). Pitiful, huh? Keeps me going for an hour though!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who needs custom??

Okay, for those who don't know us, Wade and I are pretty darn picky about our style. This is evidenced by very few pictures up in our house the simple reason being we can't find anything we really like. If I don't LOVE it, I'm not putting it up. Well, then along comes Baby. I want the child's nursery to be decorated and, I'm sorry, but 9 months is not enough time to find exactly what I want. Anyway, we have shopped in baby boutiques, tried online, etc. I just couldn't find the right thing. So we decide we'll just get some bed linens made. Now, mind you, my Mom has already made the main blanket for the crib from materials/pattern that I picked out. I was stuck trying to find the crib skirt and bumper pad. Wade and I found ourselves at a baby boutique looking at custom crib skirts. Basically, it's just a fancy way to say you pick it out the material, we make it standard crib size. No big deal, right? Y'all, when that girl pulled out the price list, I thought we were going to fall out of our chairs. Wade zoned out IMMEDIATELY (which he really never does). A crib skirt, bumper pad, and sheet (3-piece) set was anywhere from $600-800. Who keeps these people in business? We thanked the girl and ran out of that store so fast.

I called my Mom and we decided, "How hard can a crib skirt really be?" After this weekend, I say, "Who needs custom?" This took us one full day and $60. It had the works too. I'm talking homemade piping, People! Wade and I are pretty sure we could set up a sweat shop and really make some good side money doing this! Now, mind you, this was with alot of direction from our "Master", Mom, who sat on the couch and directed until the very end. I was too nervous to sew the last pieces together.
Here are two of my fave people sewing away...

Hey, Wade, less talk-ey, more sew-ey. Yeah, thanks.

Martha Stewart, table for three.

This is a close-up but I don't know why it's turned sideways.

Know what else I love about this little weekend project? That my husband actually helped...and when I say help, I mean he was elbow deep with me. Funny what they'll do when expensive things are threatened upon them!

Also, here's the 23 week bump. Up next week...the age of viability--24 weeks!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is it weird...

that I could stare at my belly for hours awaiting those 20-30 visible kicks a day?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Blog Virgin

Okay, I have contemplated doing this for quite some time after anonymously admiring other's blogs. It just seems so much easier to update people on things than e-mail (I remember when I thought e-mail was the epitome of ease.) So, here I go. Off into the mysterious blogging world without a clue...