Thursday, February 9, 2012

My bad.

Well, after trying a "Good Boy Chart" where stickers were added for good behavior (sleeping in bed without crying was TWO stickers), our sleeping is not much better. He has gotten better about just crying out, reorienting himself (I guess? as I'm half asleep and have basically refused to continue to get up at 3 am), crawling out of bed, and coming and laying down on the pallet. This would be really great if he didn't wake me up but he never fails to get all settled then say, "Mommy, tuck me back in." I refuse (am I a bad Mom?!?!) but I'm still up and, like I mentioned, cannot just fall right back to sleep. Jenny, we switched him from the crib at about 2 yrs and maybe that was a bad idea. My best friend's little boy launched himself out of his crib around that age while "crying it out" one night and ended up with a broken arm so I kept thinking about that! Anyway, we've gotten a bit more sleep with the pallet thing but that has to stop at some point too. Then, we went to his ENT yesterday for his PE (ear) tubes check-up....

The doctor questioned about his sleeping, snoring (why yes he does!), and overall wakefulness/sleepiness during the day. I gave him a brief report. He told me that the likely culprit is that his tonsils are a 3+, with the largest being a 4+. He might be waking himself up several times a night with obstructive sleep apnea. Poor fella! And here I am thinking, "He is the Lightest. Sleeper. Ever." Anyway, we're supposed to continue to watch/listen to him while he sleeps and if he starts "gasping" more often, to make an appt. I'm assuming the tonsils will have to come out. I know that's a really painful surgery as my 4 yr old nephew just had it so I'm hoping his throat will grow bigger and the tonsils will stay the same size, creating a bigger airway. Until then, I guess I'll just listen out for my child. stopping. breathing a few times a night. Yikes!