Tuesday, August 30, 2011

My Beach Baby

We go on a family vacay every year at the end of the summer. We stay around the Seaside area so as to avoid the big crowds. This year has been the funnest so far as Shoog thoroughly enjoyed every minute at the beach. He could have spent the entire time covered (literally covered. Like HEAD TO TOE) in sand and been perfectly content. Here's a progressive tour of our last three years. How time flies...
2009--The pregnant year. I think I was 26 weeks. This was the year that while my family enjoyed a nice glass of vino, I sipped on one of my hub's custom mocktails. There was alot of mocktail drinking this year.

2010--The year with a baby. This was a cool year. Shoog was 10 months old and FINALLY got a tooth (actually two, on the bottom) while we were on vacation. We were starting to think he was going to be toothless the rest of his life. We were thinking about the bright (cheap) side though...after the dentures, no real dentist visits. No dental insurance, no braces! Unless he got gingivitis...or we had to replace the dentures...I bet dentures are expensive...anyhow, he got teeth this year!

2011--The year of the busy toddler. His favorite game ended up being, "Whoa whoa whoa!" As in: Ev's heading straight for the water, who's going to stop him? Then, one of our crew would jump up and cut him off screaming, "Whoa whoa whoa!" He though it was hysterical. Actually, I was driving around today and heard him talking nonstop in the back saying, "Beach, whoa whoa whoa! Birds. Fly away!" Yeah, it was a hit.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Lazy Summer

There is gloriously absolutely nothing going on in our lives right now. We just returned from a family vacay to Florida. We were pleasantly surprised that Ev LOVED the sand and water. He would play with his cousins for HOURS. It was a nice change from last year where he just sat in his baby pool and stared at us as if to say, "What am I supposed to do now?"
I have been off of work for somewhere north of 10 days. I lost count. I go back Wednesday and am probably going to spend the first few hours just trying to remember what to do.
We are almost finished filling up our house. This has been a painfully long process as we moved in sometime in January. However, Homet and I are super picky (and cheap) so it's taken a while to find/purchase the extra furniture we need to fill up this extra space. I'm just grateful to have extra space.
Ev starts MMO next week and I am super fired up. I'm ready to grocery shop in peace and possibly get a pedicure (gasp!)
Last but certainly not least: FOOTBALL STARTS THIS WEEK and while I couldn't give a flying taco about Mississippi State's season, I sure will be glad to see some college football in action! It will be a holiday around our house and we grocery shopped today, planning our meals around what we were going to cook each game night. "Let's see, Thursday's just MS State so maybe burritos and Rotel." "Saturday is LSU so we'll channel our inner fall weather behavior and try beef stew." Speaking of MSU, why do they spell dogs, dawgs? It's not shorter and it just looks silly. Misspellings are the last thing Mississippi needs to bring down our academic image. Drives me crazy. What's so wrong with "Go dogs"?

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Too much sugar

I think I've mentioned that I love birthdays. Perhaps it's because of all the sweet things that are guilt-free for a birthday. After all, it'd be rude not to sample the cake and ice cream with the birthday recipient. I'm pretty sure I learned that in an etiquette class once (or perhaps made it up...) Well, my favorite man had a birthday this weekend and that has meant one thing for this house. SWEETS. We have had three birthday cakes (thank goodness we left two at the host's house but we still wound up with one.) Then, he requested that I make brownies and who am I to turn down the birthday boy? Thus, brownies were made...and ice cream bought. In his humble opinion, you can't have brownies without ice cream...and chocolate syrup...and Whip Cream. Who am I to argue? I also made cookies for a friend that needed a happy and was left with about a dozen. If anyone has a sweet tooth, come on over. Our grand birthday total is=one birthday cake, one dozen choc chip cookies, a dish of brownies, and ice cream.

Dear Diabetes and extra 10 pounds, It's been a fun road, was a wonderful birthday, but I'm not so sure it was worth it.