Monday, June 11, 2012

Baby girl and Big Boy

Well, the nursery is coming along. We've gotten all the essentials and, considering she won't sleep in there for the first couple months anyway, I'd say it'll do. We have been super busy this summer with a certain wild 2 1/2 year old. This pregnancy is SO incredibly different than his. With him, I was able to work out when, how long, however I wanted; nap when, how long, and however I wanted; and spa day when, how long, however I wanted. With this poor girl, I'm too busy chasing around a toddler to nap or spa day. Luckily, my gym has an awesome nursery which Ev LOVES so I've been able to stick to that. I've actually gained less weight with this one so far (probably due to the fact that I also can't eat when, how long, and however I want.)

I keep reminding myself to be grateful for all the nuances of pregnancy because it certainly beats infertility or multiple miscarriages. I have to tell myself that this is a very short time in my life in the grand scheme of things. Many people would happily trade places with me, if given the opportunity. I will complain openly about one thing, though, so don't judge. I had ZERO complications with Everett. Even his birth was a dream come true and I was able to deliver naturally as I had wanted. With this pregnancy, can you say VARICOSE VEINS???? I'm not talking about little spidery, "Oh my legs are so ugly" things. We're talking, my entire right leg from toes to groin. It is quite impressive, I must say, and ridiculously painful. I started getting them before I was really even showing, around 19 weeks, and they've only gotten worse. Yes, I've tried support hose but to no avail. I will be visiting MS Vein Institute when all is said and done. Holy Moly, if anybody has any advice for me, I'll take it. Here's my plan at this point:
--Realize I work a 13 hour day, twice a week. I'm on my feet, on average, about 10 1/2 of those hours (on a good day.) I'm lucky if I get a 30 minute lunch and I get, virtually, no other breaks.
--I'm not compromising on exercising less. I feel like my first delivery went so well because I was in shape and this is my way of "paying it forward" to my body. If doing crunches every night means I will push 5 min less, than crunches it is.
-- I drink boatloads of water. It's supposed to help. I'm VERY tired of peeing every 20 min.
In fact, may I share...
Yes, she is finally head down and that bright white oval-ish thing above her head is my bladder. That would explain my constant need to run to the restroom, even if it is to rid myself of 3 Tbsp. of urine. Child is constantly pressing right on the blad. And how cool is this image? I'm in a research study at UMC monitoring healthy fetal brain growth at 31, 33, and 36 weeks gestation. This is her 31 week shot. I get the 33 week MRI this week. It's funny that I didn't even know E's gender and, with this girl, I'll know her gender, along with what her grey and white matter look like. I've come a long way!

I know this is a totally random post but I was needing to update and this about sums up our life right now. It's all about growing this baby girl for another 7 weeks. Scary. Well, all about this baby girl and this handsome fella...

Speaking of this little Momma's Boy...he's about 95% potty trained. He still wears diapers for naps and at night. Any certain age that they stop doing that? I am fully expecting an about face regression to pooping in pants when Chaney Claire gets here. We'll see. He's a funny kid and loves to be loved. I swear he is so my child. He LOVES to snuggle which I did not expect from a busy boy. He knows(ish) The Lord's Prayer and totally cracks me up when he says, "and be with our trespasses as we forgive those..." "...and lead us to temptation..." Awesome. I think God gets it.

My goal is to blog before baby girl gets here. We'll see. Lookey what I've gotten to start buying! PINK dresses. I've gotten totally out of control. I keep telling Hom that I'm actually saving us money because everything I buy is on sale and she has only a few clothes 0-3 months and more as it gets closer to 2T. I figure that's when they start staying in the same size longer anyway. Until next time...