Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What fun...(whompwhompwhomp)

I love Zulily, I really do. I try to look on it daily and can usually find something I want. However, the processing/shipping takes FOREVER so I don't always cave to my wants. I once ordered pants for E and they took over a month to come in. Anyway, I was looking at the site today and came across this gem. I will say that the toys and Adirondacks were adorable but is this the best ad pic that they've got?? First off, that poor boy's hair. Is it a mullet or does Mommy just not want to cut it just yet? I mean, he's got to be at least three years so, if it's the latter, Mommy get over it and cut the child's pitiful mane. Secondly, could he look like he's having less fun sliding if he tried? Bless him. Just move out of the way, let the happy girl slide, go get him a haircut, and maybe an ice cream cone. Bless him.