Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mouth of the South

Since our boy got his ear tubes in May, his language skills exploded. He now repeats EVERYthing. It might be the scariest, cutest, funniest, most intriguing trick as of yet. Here are a few gems you might catch if you get to spend a few minutes with our busy body.

Me: Ev, what's today?
E: Game. Day. (He says all compound words as two separate entities like he has to catch his breath between. Pine. Apple. is one of our faves. No Reunion jokes needed here.....)
Me: What do we say on game day?
E: Go Tigews (Tigers.)

You see, I'm a nurse and all about using the correct words for your body parts but when penis started coming out sounding like pieces, I must admit I did like that better. In fact, it came in pretty handy in the store the other day when I was holding him on my hip and he looked at me, scowled, and yelled, "MOMMY, MY PIECES."Sorry, Bud, I'll readjust so I don't squish your "pieces."

Mommy, moowwnn. (Come on)

He also LOVES to pray but mainly for Paw Paw and Gen Gen (my Dad and StepMom.) We haven't figured out yet why they need more prayers than the rest of us but you better believe they get prayed for multiple times a day. We pray before each meal then, as my hubs says, "We have to pray our way through dinner" as E will often stop us, try to hold our hands, and say, "Mommy, Daddy. Pay." and bow his head.