Tuesday, August 31, 2010


So I have been looking forward to Everett being in a Mother's Morning Out program since before I knew Everett was an Everett. I just think it's a great way to ease into socialization without being in daycare 5 days a week. Plus, with me only working 2 days a week, daycare seems silly. Anyway, we had meet the teachers Monday and Ev had a ball exploring his room. He seemed shocked that people come in his size too. On the other hand, I might actually be able to wash/fold clothes, cook dinner, shower, or any other crazy things I want to do for those precious 3 hours. Well, I've been working several days in a row lately and got a bit behind on things so....
I will be spending Ev's first day at MMO.......making him food, putting up his outgrown clothes, and scrapbooking in a book that only his wife will ever appreciate. Oh well, in two weeks I've already scheduled an eyebrow wax and pedicure. The spa laughed at me because I was planning "so far ahead of time." If they only knew.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

9 months

This just sums up what my life has been the last few weeks...

Our boy can pull up, cruise, and crawl now. Anyone else out there have a kid who could walk before he had teeth? That just seems strange to me.
Also, for those checking in on my Mom...she's officially (again) cancer free. She went to Vanderbilt last week and had her "enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes" biopsied and guess what?? They were simply enlarged because of her two lobectomies. We knew this was a possibility but thought it an outside chance. Looks like we should have believed. You'd think we'd be used to believing in the unlikely, being Saints fans and all. Speaking of Saints....first game tonight! Whoop whoop! It's amazing how short the off season seems when your team plays in the final game of the season.