Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yumm-o Pears

Disclaimer for those of you wanting to make your own baby food and think that I'm some kind of super Betty Crocker for doing so---(I've gotten alot of comments on the squash post.)
Making baby food is SUPER easy. It's so not hard that I almost feel silly saying I'm making it. I've "made" squash, pears, carrots, bananas, and avocado and the most steps I've had to do is about 3. It's also way cheaper which, for those of you that know me, is big. I'm a bit of a penny pincher/cheap/Boxcar Willy but who's counting? The only disadvantage is the convenience with traveling which we do alot. It would probably be easier to just grab a jar for most people. However, if we're going somewhere I wouldn't feel comfortable pulling myself out to feed Rhett, I just pump before I leave and could easily put his food containers in the cold pack with the bottle. I'm not really sure how formula works but I guess you have to have a cold pack with you for those bottles? Wait...aren't they powder too? OK, maybe not. I digress...
So pears has turned out to be his favorite food yet. I'm not a huge pear fan. Something about the grainy texture kinda weirds me out. Anyway, the beauty of a pear is he likes it cold. I have discovered that he likes most things slightly warmed. I can serve the pears straight out the fridge. He also likes them mixed in rice cereal or oatmeal. The boy loves him a pear. Here are the steps and I'm telling you people, it's easy peasy so I won't even call it "making baby food" anymore. I'll call it...hmmm...any suggestions? I get such a bad rap for saying making baby food, I've gotta figure some other way to put it. Maybe I'll just keep my mouth shut and jar up his homemade baby food. That way I just don't have to hear it.
I used 3 pears and it made about 7 2-oz. servings.
Slice them up, roughly the same size and cut out the core remnants. Put the slices in a pot to steam. I, honestly, can't remember how long I steamed them. Just do it until they are easy to stab with a fork.
Peel off the skins...
I skipped a step in pics but you then Cuisinart them. I've found it purees better if you mash with a potato masher then Cuisinart them. Here's your pears.
Here's Everett dive bombing his pears. He does this arm out, mouth open thing for every bite. Is that normal? Wade contemplated how we'd all look if we all ate like that. Talk about people watching at restaurants.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Arts

Project #1
This was one that Everett and I told noone about (for those of you who know me, that's a big deal.) Anyway, we wanted to send a few cards to the Grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles so we made these cards a few weeks ago. I searched online for Easter hand/footprint ideas but all I found was these lame thumbprint chicks. My son's thumb print is about as big as a pin top so I didn't really think I could make a chick out of that. I brainstormed and came up with these cards. I'm no artist so I was pleasantly surprised that they even resembled bunnies. Here's what you need (which you probably have most of these things lying around the house--maybe not lying around the house but if you have an art box, definately in there. or maybe you're messy and do have paintbrushes lying around your house. anywho...) Michael's or Hobby Lobby sells the blank cards.

Then, you need two of these adorable little things...

And here's the final result. Write a sweet message inside like Happy Easter (Hoppy Easter gets on my nerves for some reason?) and there you have it.

Project #2:
Mom came last week and we completed (read: I forced her) Project Easter Basket Liner. Mom wanted to just order a basket with liner from Pottery Barn kids but I refused. I had this fab basket and wanted Everett's monogram on it somewhere. Mom has all the equipment so my strong, willing stepdad lugged all this stuff down from Oxford so that we wouldn't have to lug all of Everett's stuff to Oxford. This is the original basket with some blue seersucker material and all those navy bags are sewing maching, embroidery machine, etc.
Here's the finished project. All that candy for a 4 month old? Don't judge. The Easter Bunny gave up sweets for Lent and anticipated being sick on chocolate for a few days. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter weekend!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy Easter! (or not)

Wade took Everett to meet the Easter Bunny today. He was underwhelmed.