Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Okay, so he's a growing boy.

Yesterday we had our 2 week doctor's appointment. I now see where all that food is going. He has gained almost 2 pounds since we went home from the hospital (he had dropped to 6 lb 10 oz). We were told he would gain about an ounce a day for the first few months. This would've put him right at 8 lbs. Not our little overachiever though. He's weighing in at a whopping 8 lb. 10 oz. putting him in the 75%. He has grown in length 1 1/2 inches since we went home and is now 22 inches putting him at the 90%. He looks so much bigger than when he came home but he still only fits in about 10 outfits, all being newborn. The 0-3 month stuff still swallows him but it won't be long. We ran out of newborn diapers the other day but have 4 cases of size 1 so we decided to just try those (read: big mistake.) As Wade so fondly put it, "I guess if his hose is pointed to the side at all, it's leaking out." Nice. We went ahead and purchased another case of newborns. Otherwise, we'd have had to purchase new sheets, comforter, carpet, clothes, etc.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Breastfeeding Ain't For Sissies

--I have partied in New Orleans during Mardi Gras until the sun rose.
--I have roller-bladed the halls of my high school at lock-ins, not sleeping for a full day.
--I have worked 12 hour night shifts around Christmas and not slept for days so that I could celebrate with my family during the day.
--A few weeks ago, I stayed up for 40+ hours, laboring a child out of me in the middle of that.

For the last 3 days, our beautiful son has decided he prefers his groceries every 90 minutes, day and night. I have never been so tired in all of my 30 years.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Drab to fab...

Thanks to an old friend Sarah for giving me this easy, crafty idea. Mom and I made these plain white onesies from drab to fab! It took us about an hour to do all 3. Everett said he LOVES them.

This is for his days on the farm when he visits Wade's parents and my Dad. Uncle Cliff has already mentioned tractor rides. Maybe in a few years!

Everett is super fired up about his e shirt! We're working on the model poses. Next week: GQ cover shoot.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Just a few pics

I'm not going to type much, just post some pics over the last few days. I'm not very good at typing with one hand yet and it's just not worth it to put him down!

One last profile shot before leaving the house! My water had just broken and this was between the every 3 minute contractions. So excited...

10 hours later, quite the reward. It's a boy!

Everett's first night in the world was spent watching LSU football. Sorry they couldn't pull out a win for you, Son.

On our way home!
Mastering the pout

If this angelic face doesn't fill your heart, I don't know what will...
On Everett's 5th day, Wade and I celebrated our 4th anniversary. Everett spent a couple hours with his Grammy (my Mom). I was a nervous wreck and just knew he'd get hungry early and have nothing to eat. When I got home, they were in the same position on the couch as when I left. Mom said they only got up a few times to change a diaper. Guess I'm the only one suffering from separation anxiety.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


So I'm not giving Everett a pacifier because I'm breast feeding and I must say I was a little worried about it. However, our son is the best thumb sucker this side of the Mississippi River (as was I for about 10 years...sad.) Anyway, can we give three cheers for self soothing or what? As for the orthodontics bill, we'll worry about that in about 14 years.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Yes, I'm still pregnant

So here's the thing. Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks pregnant. I feel fine, not ridiculous uncomfortable or anything. I'm mainly just excited to see what we're having and what he/she looks like.
It's funny how people start acting at this point. My family calls or texts about 5 times a day. Do they really think I'm going to forget to call when something happens? Wade's concerned I'll call my Mom BEFORE I call him. I think it's kinda funny. I would compare it to when Wade and I had been dating a while. For those of you who have been around a while, you know Wade's a mighty cautious fella. Here's the short version of the story...
We had been dating about 8 months when I really thought it was real. No, it wasn't love at first sight or anything totally romantic (or unreal) like that. I just started feeling like something was different with him. I was leaving for a week in May to go to New Orleans to prepare for my nursing boards with two friends from school. Wade was coming over to my house to see me off and I suddenly had the urge to tell him that I loved him. Neither one of us had said it yet and I was freaking out. I had lost a friend in a car accident a few years before and didn't feel like I told her I loved her/cherished our friendship enough and I always regretted that. Anyway, telling Wade I loved him felt like it was a huge weight on my shoulders. When he came over, I awkwardly blurted it out. He looked stunned and I'm pretty sure he thanked me or something when my friends knocked on the door to pick me up. I got in the car and told them and they were mortified that he hadn't said it back. I felt such relief though. I didn't care that he had not repeated it because I wasn't telling him to hear it back. I was telling him because I HAD to, that simple. Well, cute and all, right? I didn't say it again. I wasn't going to pressure him but I felt like, if anything happened, he knew how I felt. Fast forward almost a year. Yes, YEAR!!! He still had not said the L word and, no, I had not repeated it. Lindsay lived in California and most of my other friends lived across the country travel nursing. Every single time I called one of those unsupportive bitches, the first thing was, "Did he say it?" Now, at this point we'd been dating a year and a half. Did they really think I would have forgotten to call them? Did they really have to re-remind me everytime we spoke that, "No, he hasn't. I was actually calling to get your chicken salad recipe. However, thanks again, for reminding me on this beautiful Saturday. Gotta go." Well, yes, he finally said it 18 months after our first date and, honestly, I wouldn't change a thing. It seems to have worked out well for us. Anyway, long story to say that this baby waiting feels exactly like that.
I'll call to chit chat with Mom and she's all out of breath, "Yeah????"
To which I reply, "What are you guys doing?"
She's stuttering back like a school girl, "Nothing, what's up? How ya feel? Any contractions?"
"Uh, yeah, but no more than normal and, no, I'm not calling to say get in the car. I was just going to ask what your platelet count was yesterday and what your doctor said about the chemo."

Family and friends: I promise I will let you know the second anything happens. You need not blow up my phone, text, e-mail, etc. I know it's the first grandchild, niece/nephew, yadda yadda yadda, but it will happen and when it does, we have a list of 179 people to notify. I'll need a little help. And a final note...Mom, you know good and well, you will be the first to know. Lindsay, you'll be a mighty close second. As for Wade's "list of people to call first", I have no control.