Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Summa time

I don't even know if anyone still looks at this but here's a photo dump of our summer.
It's been a busy summer around these parts. Trying to entertain a 3 year old and not go bankrupt while doing it has been a fun little game we've played. I would love to do a museum, splash pad, lunch/play dates, movies, etc daily but those things add up quickly! We've been loving the weather and have been outside constantly. I am not one that will complain about the 100+ temps because I despise cold weather. Here, in Mississippi, we don't really get Spring and Fall mild seasons. It's either hot or a little cold. Luckily, I like the hot. Here's E taking baby sis on a stroll. He had just put her visor down on her stroller so that "she didn't have Jesus right in her eyes." Here's the thing, one day E asked me what the sun was doing. See my aforementioned blog post about a case study of 3 year olds and their questions. How do you even answer questions like, "Mom, what's the sun doing right now and why can't it be darker?" Without really considering it, I replied, "That's Jesus smiling at you, E. That way you know he loves you." Weeeelllllll, I don't recommend that particular answer. Now, every time the sun shines in his eyes, he starts yelling, "Stop hurting my eyes, Jesus. I don't want you to love me so much." Errrr. Whoops.
 Here's a freeby--The Renaissance Splash Pad. We love it for their age though it doesn't keep them entertained long. You can time it right round Barnes & Noble story time and a lunch date and, suddenly, it's nap time! Go, Mom!
 We call this little one our "Lynx--a souped up wild cat". She is in beast mode 24/7. She's a feisty girl that loves snuggles but doesn't want people (other than Momma) up in her hula hoop. Ask E. You get in her face, you will get poked in the eye/nose/ear. It's amazing how quickly that little finger can reach up in your nose. I swear she can pull out brain in 2.4 seconds flat. And, yes, she's started walking. So strange to me since E was almost 15 months when he started. She started soon after she turned 11 months. How weird, albeit convenient, to walk prior to having teeth? Anyone else's kid done that? I figure, at least she has nothing to bust out when she falls. Also, we're still breastfeeding over here so high five to the nursing Gods on the no teeth situation!
 Zoo trip with neighbs.
 A rare pic with my kids and I'm nasty and in work out clothes. Whatev. I'm nothing if not real.
 He finally dared the slide and then I couldn't drag him off.
 She's not sure what to think.
 First black eye but still all smiles. I'm telling you beast mode 24/7.
 My boy has finally started running with me. I've been itching to get him to be my running buddy but 3 seemed a bit young. Months ago, I tried to see how far he could run one afternoon because he always begs out of his stroller when I'm running and pushing them. I thought, "Fine. What harm can it do?" "Alright, E. Get out and run." He ran about 10 feet, then stopped and wanted back in. Seriously? I refused, thinking I'd teach him. "Nope, you have to keep running or walking. You want to be a big boy then act like it." "Mommy, I don't feel very good." We went back and forth like this and finally, after about 100 yards, I let him back in. An hour later, his fever spiked to 103 and was diagnosed with the flu. Whoops. However, 3 1/2 is a different age all together. He can run about a mile now and does it with vigor. He's my fave running buddy. You know, now that he doesn't have the flu and all.
We've "gardened" a lot this summer or at least gotten a lot of things watered.

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